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Antibiotics: How Many Are They?

Antibiotics: How Many Are They?
Since the discovery of Penicillin, antibiotics have become part of the modern medicine box. Antibiotics are substances that destroy or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms that cause diseases. As such, antibiotics are used to treat infections.

Being a basic drug, antibiotics have many types, and they are readily available at any pharmacy, and at Well Future Pharmacy, to suit the patients’ needs, we also offer medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois. Below are several classifications of antibiotics.

By the Way They Work
Antibiotics work in different ways. The famous penicillin works by inhibiting the formation of cell walls of the pathogenic microorganism. These cell walls are necessary for the microorganism to survive, so penicillin kills the pathogen by preventing it from forming the necessary cell wall. Other mechanisms of action of antibiotics involve inhibiting the production of certain chemicals necessary for the reproduction and survival of living pathogenic microorganisms causing the infection.

Some antibiotics kill bacteria, but others do not. Those that do not kill bacteria prevent the bacteria from reproducing. By doing so, the immune system of the patient can manage the remaining bacteria.

By Range of Effectivity
You have probably heard of broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum antibiotics. Broad-spectrum antibiotics act on a many types of microorganisms while narrow-spectrum antibiotics are effective only against specific families of bacteria. In general, too much use of broad-spectrum antibiotics is avoided because these antibiotics also kill other beneficial or harmless bacteria that are naturally occurring in the human body.

Antibiotics are a very important class of medicines. However, sometimes the patients may not be able to take commercially available antibiotics due to allergies to certain ingredients or other reasons. One solution is medication compounding. Well Future Pharmacy offers medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois. By this process of customization of medication, Well Future Pharmacy helps ensure that the needs of patients requiring antibiotics are met.

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