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Correct Way of Taking Medications

Taking Your Medications Correctly

In a day, a great number of American citizens take their prescribed medications. Be that as it may, a proportion of this population do not take their medicines properly or abuse them.

How can we get away from drug abuse and misuse?

Here are some significant tips from the number one medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois.

Understand your Medication

The first and most essential method of avoiding improper taking of your medication, as suggested by Well Future Pharmacy, is through understanding it comprehensively.

Before taking any medicines, the expert of medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois wants to remind everyone to ask these questions either to your physician or pharmacist:

  • Why do I need to take this prescription drugs?
  • What are the conditions that this drug will treat?
  • What is its active ingredient?
  • Is there an ingredient I’m possibly allergic to?

Know How to Properly Take the Medication

Every prescription drug is accompanied by instructions on how to properly take it. If there are words which are difficult to understand, you shall ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist of a company that provides medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois like Well Future Pharmacy.
It will also be beneficial to ask these questions:

  • Should the medicine be taken as scheduled or as needed?
  • Is there a specific time I when I have to take it?
  • How much shall I take in each specified time?
  • How long shall I take it?

Inquire what You shall Expect

Although some medications are not strong enough to cause side effects, there are those which may result to one getting harmful side effects. For this reason, Well Future Pharmacy always makes it a point to answer the following queries whether patients ask them or not:

  • How will they feel once they start the medication?
  • How will they know whether it is working or not?
  • What should they do if they forget to take it?
  • Are there side effects?
  • Can they mix the prescribed drugs with other remedies?

Everybody is taking medications to get better. Hence, everybody should be equipped with satisfactory knowledge before taking any medication.

Can you suggest some more ways to correctly take prescription drugs?

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