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Feeling Tired Despite Hours of Sleep? It Might Be Time To See Doc

Feeling Tired Despite Hours of Sleep? It Might Be Time To See Doc

Millions of Americans struggle in getting the recommended hours of sleep. Some people think this is a normal part of the aging process; however, it is imperative to get yourself checked to ensure there are no underlying issues. Here are ways to tell that you might have to see your doctor soon:

You Still Feel Tired Even if you Get Enough Sleep at Night

We have heard it from the expert. As adults, we need to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. This should make us feel rested. However, if we still feel tired after getting this much sleep, this might indicate that your body is going through some health problems.

To improve yourself, don’t use electronic devices in the bedroom. This can prevent you from being disturbed. If noise can easily wake you up, think about filling your room with sleep sounds.

You Always Feel Like you Need a Nap

You have probably tried having dozed off during a meeting or an afternoon in the office. If you have got the recommended sleep the night before, you should not be feeling like napping. In fact, no matter how boring the meeting can be, you definitely should not fall asleep. However, if this occurs, something might be going on.

Dripping Off Seems Like a Chore

If you have a healthy sleeping body system, you shouldn’t be staring at the ceiling for longer than thirty minutes before falling asleep or after waking in the middle of the night. Otherwise, you might be suffering from insomnia. For a bout of insomnia, you can buy over-the-counter sleep medications from Well Future Pharmacy. However, when your sleeping problem is more serious that it occurs at least three times every week, you will want to seek help beyond sleep aids.

Your Snore Like There’s No Tomorrow

Some people who snore can be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. This has something to do with muscle relaxation in the back of the throat during sleep, which obstructs air from getting in your nose or mouth to your lungs. Most people who snore heavily wake up with a choke in the throat. And those who have sleep apnea are likely to wake up many times at night, which makes them feel sleepy and unrested the following day.

You Develop A Sleep Behavior Disorder

Some people spring into motion while dreaming and do not remember a thing the following day. This means they have developed a Rapid eye movement sleep (REM) sleep behavior, where they lose their muscle paralysis, which normally happens when asleep. Before you try any sleeping medications, visit your doctor to get proper diagnosis since medicines can interact with other medicines and result in adverse side effects.

Our body needs to get enough sleep to have the energy and ability to function normally every day. If you are experiencing problems with sleeping, talk to your doctor so you can be checked for any underlying problems. When buying sleep medications, make sure you order it from a reputable pharmacy. Please call us at 312-589-7620.


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