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How can you make an oral medication pleasing for a child?

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Children are picky when it comes to food and beverages, especially that their body is developing. They might not be used to certain tastes. And whenever they get sick or just need to drink food supplements, they tend to shake their heads when the spoon gets closer to their mouth. And it makes you wonder, “What’s wrong with this syrup/chewable?” Here are a few ways for an oral medication to taste “better” than the usual for a child.
Who says treats do not work? Most of the time, rewards and treats can always convince a child to behave properly or to do as what you say. If you swear to give the child a chance to watch episodes of his/her favorite cartoon show, then let him/her have it after taking the oral medication. You can also give yummy food after he/she takes the oral medication, like ice cream or chocolates.
Experiment with food
Oral medications can sometimes be best taken when you have real food mixed with it. You can place the chewable medication inside a banana or slice of bread. You can also mix chocolate syrup or any food that captures the child’s attention the most.
You can also change the flavor of the medication. If your child likes the orange flavor more than the strawberry one, you can let Well Future Pharmacy change it for you. We have a wide range of free flavorings for any liquid medications to ensure that you get to drink your medications without any trouble. We also offer free delivery, medical equipment, vitamins, at medication compounding Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois. You can dial 312-589-7620 for more information about our services. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions! We are glad to be of service to you.

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