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The Other Side of Medication

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Undesirable fact- all medications, over-the-counter and prescription, have side effects. In fact, there are at least 4 million American citizens who visit their physicians’ office every year to get checked for adverse side effects of prescription drugs.

What are the common side effects of drugs?

According to experts from Well Future Pharmacy, side effects of drugs may vary from one person to another as every medicine may have unique effect on varied patients. But your most trusted medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois has listed some of the common side effects of medication:

Although this may not seem a serious side effect, patients may possibly suffer from grave consequences due to dizziness. After taking a certain medication, a patient who takes medicine may feel drowsiness which can later cause one to fall and get more serious injuries. Thus, it is always recommended that all patients taking medication shall rest and limit extraneous activities.

Another side effect which a patient who is taking medication can probably suffer from is nausea and vomiting. These may not seem serious matters, but they can actually cause myriad of other health problems, especially to the elderly whose bodies were weakened.

What are the serious side effects of drugs?

Every distributor or manufacturer needs to pass government required qualifications before one may operate as a licensed medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois. The FDA has enumerated the requirements which every company like Well Future Pharmacy must conform with; and every violating applicant is denied permission to operate. These requirements are laid down for the government to eliminate or at least lessen the grave side effects of

Despite the meager number of these cases, there are still some prescription drugs like penicillin which stimulates allergic reactions which later result to anaphylactic response and eventually, to death. Also, there has been a few recorded cases when a drug has been alleged to cause a stroke or heart attack.

Heart Problems
Lifelong heart problems have been linked to many prescription drugs. Because the medicines can cause an increase in water-weight, some patients taking medications, heart attack or heart failure ensues.

Probably, you have been surprised how prescriptive drugs can cause cancer. But this is true- one of the overwhelming side effects of prescribed drugs is causing carcinogens to be alive, become ripe and turn into cancer.

Indeed, there is no hard and fast rule in getting away from the possible side effects of drugs bought in medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois or not. And the only key we have to maximize is knowledge.

When you buy your medicines, Well Future Pharmacy wants you to remember something- never be ashamed to ask.

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