Today’s Big Q: Are Flavored Medicines Safe?

Today’s Big Q: Are Flavored Medicines Safe?

Have you ever wanted medicine that doesn’t taste icky? Do you want your generic drugs to be as flavorful as your favorite juice drink? You might think to add flavor to your medicine is absurd but it is not. In fact, our own children’s medicines have flavors. They come in orange and strawberry flavors. We are still not sure whether they are completely safe for them but from experience, we have not yet encountered any side effects from it yet.

Many pharmacies like Well Future Pharmacy that is specialized in medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Illinois offer services that could help your medicine taste more bearable than it originally does. This is usually done to kids cough medicines or even vitamins. We know how difficult it is sometimes to let them take their medicines because they do not like the taste. And when it comes to safety, flavored medicines are totally safe.

Here are some reasons on why it is safe:

  1. The flavoring do not alter the composition of the medicine

    Although it is true that the flavoring may be an added ingredient to the medicine, it does not in any way change or affect the other substances. The flavoring will only enhance the taste or add a sweet taste to the medicine. In fact, despite adding a flavoring the bitter taste of the medicine can still overpower the taste. Hence, it is completely safe to try those over-the-counter cough medicines with strawberry flavor.

  2. The medicines can come in different forms

    Today, pharmaceutical companies do not just aim to give effective medicines to the patients. They also want to make it palatable for them as much as possible. Thus, these flavored medicines can be in liquid or in chewable form. These will certainly attract the young market because this will not only make them love these candy shaped medicines but parents will not force them to take it anymore. They do it themselves.

  3. There is a continuing study about making medicines more palatable

    The question whether flavored medicines are scientifically approved or not is answered by a big YES.
    Until now, pharmacists and even food technologist are still in pursuit of the safest and easiest way to make medicines palatable. This is a proof that the experts are working on it to make it better for us. There are enough studies to show its efficacy to the patients who prefer taking their medicines with a little flavor.

  4. You do not really taste the flavoring

    Science claimed that all human beings have the fifth basic taste which is the umami. The function of our umami taste is to savor the taste of the food. This is the target taste of the scientist as they study medicine flavoring. For example, they want to create berry flavored medicine, they would add a berry flavored ingredient that will make you taste as if there is a real berry mixed with it. The berry flavoring does not really need to be real, it will only activate you umami to make it think that you are eating something with a berry in it.

Having flavored medicines is totally safe. But remember, before taking anything for you and for your child make sure it is prescribed by your doctor and verified by your trusted pharmacists.

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