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3 Things You Need to Know about Medication Disposal

3 Things You Need to Know about Medication Disposal

People use prescription drugs, vitamins, and other chemical substances to maintain a healthy body. These medicines may come in plastic containers while other chemicals are stored in tin cans to avoid leakage. We cannot deny the importance of these things as they are the best remedy we have so far as regards to our health and other essential products useful in our day to day activities. However, despite modern technology, we are still bombarded with the question: how should we properly dispose of medication wastes?

Manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies still have a hard time looking for ways on how to dispose of their wastes properly. For so long, there has been this practice of pharmaceutical companies and other chemical laboratories to throw their wastes in the sea or in the landfill. This is toxic for the animals and humans. At Well Future Pharmacy in Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois, we offer eco-friendly medication disposal for free. We encourage you to deposit your medication waste responsibly and safely.

Poor medication waste disposal could be the gateway to environmental destruction or even endanger human health.

Consequence of Improper Medication could be worse than you can imagine

Chemical wastes, when disposed of anywhere, can lead to contamination of water supply, riverbanks, and even seawater. The chemical ingredients found in medicine containers may still have the active substances that could poison the animals or even humans. Moreover, if we carelessly throw away expired prescription medicines to landfills, there is a big possibility that scavengers and street children will get a hold of it or even be infected with the chemical leftovers causing a hazard to their health. It is greatly dangerous for the health.

Some disposal tips that you can use

Due to lack of proper education and training about chemical wastes, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies often throw their wastes anywhere. What we can suggest at Well Future Pharmacy is that you sort out the medication waste according to their type of material and the expiry date of the medicines. After sorting the chemical wastes and medicines, you can either return the expired medicine to the manufacturer or deposit it to us, as we can dispose of it properly in an eco-friendly manner.

Another method of disposing of chemical waste is by burning them in open containers or incinerating them in an enclosed area where everything just stays there. But this method should only be used if there are no other options left.

Destroying unused and expired medicines should not be your method of disposal

You might have a pile of unused medicines in your medicine cabinet. You might be planning to throw them away but you have no idea how to do it. Some people may directly throw these medicines to the trash can while others will try to be “safe” and crush them first before getting rid of them. However, the latter method is a big NO in disposing of chemical substances. Not only will they be at risk of contaminating other things but they can also mix with clean water that we use every day. The dust particles of the medicines can also stick to your skin giving you rashes or infections.

Apart from delivering quality medicines, we also want to promote safe disposal of these wastes thereafter. We want to promote responsible medication disposal that will not only get rid of chemical wastes but will also protect the environment from its toxins.

If you are one with us in this endeavor, visit our office at Well Future Pharmacy. For more information, please visit our Web site at


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