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Deworming in Dogs

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One of the most common problems in pets, especially dogs, is the presence of different kinds of parasites. For dogs, several types of worms may be found whether the dog is already an adult or still a puppy. These parasites may harm your dog’s health and if worse, may lead to death. In order to remove them, veterenarians may prescribe certain “dewormers” in the form of tablets. Here are some important tips for you to properly deworm your dog:

Consult the vet

Before giving your dog a dewormer, you have to ask your veterinarian first about the appropriate dewormer to use. Deworming tablets may be given according to the type of worm present inside your dog’s body. To determine the type of worm, a stool sample may be needed.

Be aware of deworming schedules

Keep a calendar of deworming schedules, since deworming procedures need to be monitored and repeated from time to time. Puppies, for example, are treated from two to three weeks to ensure elimination of the worms.

Pregnant dogs

Pregnant dogs do not need to be dewormed. This is because puppies will be born with roundowrms no matter how often the adult dogs are dewormed.

Dewormers/Worming medicines

Pyrantel is the most common worm medication in puppies. On the other hand, Panacur C is the most common worm medication in adults and it eliminates whipworms. This is usually mixed with food and is given from three to five days. Praziquantel is a worm medication that is effective for eliminating tapeworms.

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