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Overflowing party buffets, non-stop open bars, super-delicious sweets – we understand if you cheated on your diet; it can be tough to stick to your healthy guns during the weekends or holidays. The damage is done, now it’s time for some rehab. Well Future Pharmacy, a trusted source medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois, shares what to pile on your plate for better skin:


Besides getting older, UV rays and pollution are the biggest contributors to fine lines and wrinkles. Sun exposure, smog, and secondhand smoke all produce free radicals, which attack and break down your skin’s collagen – the stuff that keeps it firm. When eaten daily, these power vitamins will throw wrinkles into reverse in about a month, plus prevent new ones.

    Foods rich in Vitamin C, like citrus fruits (eat half a cup daily), counteract free radicals and promote collagen growth. In fact, women who eat more vitamin C have fewer lines, notes a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Well Future Pharmacy offers more than just medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois. We have a fine list of vitamins you can readily take to boost your skin’s health!
    This antioxidant combats collagen loss while also improving the skin’s ability to hydrate itself, which is crucial, as moisturized skin develops fewer lines over time. Find it in whole eggs (try two for breakfast) as well as almonds and pecans (snack on a handful during your break). An enhanced dose of vitamin E can be found in supplements too, with varying doses too!

When dead skin cells and oil plug a pore, it becomes inflamed and turns into a pimple. Eating foods that address the inflammation can lead to clearer skin in about six to eight weeks.

    When ingested, as well as when used topically, it helps regulate and improve how skin sheds dead skin cells. Foods typically rich in the vitamin: dark green vegetables (aim for one cup of spinach or broccoli daily) and orange produce (half a cup of sweet potatoes, carrots or melon) each day is ideal.
  • ZINC
    The mineral is a powerful anti-inflammatory and does a great job controlling oil production. They can be found at highest levels in oysters, roast beef, and crab (three ounces at dinner will suffice), it also prevents midday shine when applied to skin. Keep your T-zone in check for hours by getting your own zinc capsules from Well Future Pharmacy!

Having a pretty skin is always achievable. Take your vitamins at Well Future Pharmacy We offer more than just medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois. Give us a call for more information today.

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