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Keeping Your Family’s Health In Check

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When you’re a parent you are always thinking about the well being of your child. While he is still young and needs your care and guidance the, you try to give him everything that he needs to stay healthy. You would always try to prepare healthy meals for him so he can grow strong, let him sleep early so he can be properly rested and teach him proper hygiene. But even with all your efforts, there will always be times where your child will get sick. And aside from your children’s health you also need to take care of your own. Well Future Pharmacy which provides basic pharmaceutical services as well as medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois can help you and your family.


Vitamins are usually taken from a healthy diet. A meal that has all the food groups will give you and your family all the nutrients you need. But in reality it’s quite difficult to provide all the important vitamins you need in one meal so you are going to need some help. Here at Well Future Pharmacy we provide a wide range of vitamins for you and your family. From children’s vitamins, vitamins for bones, vitamins for brain, heart & circulation, and many more, we can assure you we can keep your family healthy.

Free Flavoring

When it comes to medicine flavor does not really have an important role unless you have kids. When your kids are sick and their medication is not so child friendly, forcing them to take it is more than difficult. Well Future Pharmacy offers a solution for you and your child. One of our services is medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois which includes giving free flavoring to any liquid medication to make it easier for your child to take his or her medication. We offer a variety of flavors apple, blueberry, banana and more.

Medication Compounding

There are a lot of medicines out there and although all of them are made to help you fight off diseases some of them could have harmful side effects. Some ingredients in generic and branded medicines may cause some allergic reactions making it impossible for you to comply with your regimen. Some medicines may be in a dosage form that you find hard to take. Well Future Pharmacy which offers medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois can make it easier for you and your family. We can recreate your medication according to your preference, with ingredients from pharmaceutical companies that are inspected and regulated by the FDA.

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