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Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs

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Some people do not use their medicine in a right way. That is why some people get addicted to drugs or gain side effects from the misuse and abuse of drugs. Here’s how the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs and the dangers behind it.


Misuse of a drug prescribed to you means that you used that drug in another way aside from the prescription itself. It could also be that you used a drug that is not prescribed to you by your doctor. Misuse can also include taking too much of the required dose. Some people do this to ensure a doubled speedy recovery. But when you only take drugs to have that ecstatic “high” feeling, then that is drug abuse. No matter the intention of the person, misuse and abuse of drugs are harmful to one’s health.

Possible dangers

All drugs can present side effects to a person. But these side effects can still be managed for as long as that drug is prescribed by a healthcare professional such as a doctor. If you misuse the drugs you take, then this might lead to death. Misusing painkillers can kill you through respiratory depression. Sedatives that are prescribed can cause withdrawal seizures. The risks may be increased if you pair your misuse or abuse with alcohol use. For those people who are not yet affected by the consequences, do not depend on drugs too much as these consequences can hit you any time. And if you depend too much on drugs, you might find yourself a drug addict.

This is why communicating with a doctor or a pharmacist is far more important when buying and taking in prescription drugs. Prevent the misuse and abuse of drugs. Be informed and be wise. One of the steps to ensure a safe drug use procedure is to trust Well Future Pharmacy. Well Future Pharmacy the medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois has medical compounding services, medical equipment, vitamins and other types of medicine for you and your loved ones! Allow us to be part of your safe journey to recovery and wellness. Contact us today at 312-589-7620.

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