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Pharmacies: An Important Part of Your Community

A pharmacy is where a community can get its supply of medication for numerous illnesses and ailments. These places of business make it possible for people to purchase medication that they need in order to preserve and improve their health. There are many pharmacies out there and generally provide the same kinds of labelled and generic medicines. But it’s important to note that some pharmacies offer different services aside from just providing over-the-counter medication. Well Future Pharmacy which offers basic pharmaceutical services as well as medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois can help you with all your pharmaceutical needs.

Free Delivery
Sometimes travelling can be difficult, especially for our elderly or disabled patrons. We want to make it convenient for our customers and offer free delivery within the south loop (60605/60616). Give us a call at 312-589-7620 to inquire about our extended delivery services.

Free Eco-Friendly Medication Disposal
Medical wastes can really have an adverse effect on the environment. Here at Well Future Pharmacy we want to do our part in taking care of the environment. We can dispose of your medical wastes in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Medical Equipment
We also offer medical equipment for you and your family. From mobility assistance to monitoring and support systems we want you to have what you need at home.

Pet Medication
Aside from your medical needs we also offer medication for your pets. We can work with you and your vet so that your faithful companion is in good hands.

Medication Compounding
We are aware of the growing need for customized medication for patients and offer the service to our patrons in order for them to truly benefit from their medication. With some medicines having side effects that can sometimes be harmful and irritating we can help by compounding your medication according to your personal need and preference. At Well Future Pharmacy we offer medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago to make sure every patient can take their medication without difficulty. We can recreate your medication according to your needs and preference. We can take out ingredients that may cause allergies while still retaining the effect of your medication; we can also customize the dosage form of your medication such as making it to liquid form so that you can take it without difficulty.

Well Future Pharmacy which provides medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago can help you with all your pharmaceutical needs.

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