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Smart Tips to Keep your Dogs Flea and Tick Free

Have you noticed from your dog that constant itch and a huge amount of hair loss day after day? Have you spotted any discoloration on the skin especially in its ears and paws? It can be annoying and at the same time, quite worrying. But do not blame your pooch, the problem may stem from fleas, ticks, and other parasites that have caused the allergies or any underlying disease. If you are not certain, it is highly recommended that you consult a veterinarian. They can advise you on what steps to do to minimize flea and tick attacks to your dog, even prescribe medicines and topical products for your canines which you can obtain at Well Future Pharmacy.

Well Future Pharmacy in Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois is a reputable drugstore that can accommodate all the needed meds that your doggies may require, we also tailor or provide medication compounding to suit specific needs of your furry best friends.

Here are some suggested smart tips from Well Future Pharmacy that will help you prevent or control those creepy crawly culprits:

  • Monitor your dogs for ticks and fleas regularly. In addition, when visiting a vet, ask him or her to conduct a tick check especially if your pets spend more time outdoors.
  • Speak to your vet about areas where tick-borne diseases usually occur.
  • Learn to manage your yard by cutting overgrown grass or vegetation or trim bushes and shrubs.
    1. Fleas and ticks normally live under bushes, porches, along fence lines, and other protected spots. So in this case, make sure you examine those specific areas where they thrive and apply EPA approved insecticides. Leave it for three to four hours to dry.
  • Use flea combs to remove adult fleas and flea dirt. Concentrate on combing in the neck and tail areas.
  • Buy topical products at Well Future Pharmacy in Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois such as Amitraz, Fipronil, and Pyrethroids (permethrin etc.) You can also avail our medication compounding service based on your pet’s compounded prescription.
  • Spray on the affected area (e.g. Adams™ water-based flea & tick mist, repellent tick, and flea control etc.,) available at Well Future Pharmacy.

In order to avoid devastating circumstances that your dogs can experience if fleas and ticks are not controlled or staved off, avail our pet medication compounding at Well Future Pharmacy in Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois. We will work with your vet and supply you with customized pet treatments effective for flea and tick infestation. Grab your specialized meds at Well Future Pharmacy or clicking on our web page at for more details.

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