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The Five Most Common Dog Medications

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Animals, especially those that are domesticated, need medicine too. Some of these animals eat herbs and natural plants whenever they feel sick or unpleasant. However, for most animals that are considered as pets, medications are needed to make them survive longer. Today we will focus on “man’s best friend” which is the dog. Here are five common dog medications that pet dogs need the most.


Dogs definitely need the help of medicine that are similar to ours. Yes, dogs do take antibiotics! Metronidazole and Doxycycline are just a few of the antibiotics dogs take to combat bacterial infections.


Unlike humans, dogs love to eat, suck or lick on almost anything. They may get parasites internally due to this. Ivermectin is an example of an antiparasitic medicine for a dog to battle roundworms, threadworms and other worms that live inside dogs’ bodies. Antiparasitics are important for most dogs because if they do not undergo deworming processes, these worms might destroy their body system and lead to the dogs’ deaths.


There might be a growth of yeast around the ears or skin of a dog. This is brought about by heat or humidity. Antifungals such as Ketoconazole can keep the fungi away from your furry friend.


No, steroids aren’t deadly. Contrary to popular belief that most athletes die due to steroids, steroids are used for dogs to battle inflammation, cancer and Addison’s disease in dogs. Steroids in humans, when abused, can cause death. That is why most people have a negative conception of steroids.

Pain Relievers

Dogs can experience pain too. In order to relieve that, veterinarians might prescribe or give pain relievers to the dog. To combat the chronic pain brought about by arthritis or cancer in most dogs, pain relievers like Tramadol are given to the dog. Pain relievers can also be given to the dog during pre-surgical or post-surgical processes.

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