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Why the Need for Medication Compounding


Well Future Pharmacy, an expert in medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois, strives to provide patients with drugs that are customized to their needs. The process of mixing or combining components of drugs is called compounding. But why is it necessary to do medication compounding? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration identifies the following two reasons.

Patient Allergy
We at Well Future Pharmacy provide medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois. Some patients have allergies on certain drug components present in commercially available medications. With compounding, such components that do not affect the efficacy of the drug may be removed. Customizing the medication this way allows the patient to take the drug without showing allergic reactions.

Inability of the Patient to Take the Medication in Certain Forms
An elderly patient or a child may have difficulty swallowing pills. One solution is to provide the medicine in liquid form. If the liquid version of the drug is not available, pharmacies may offer medication compounding, which allows drugs to be made in liquid form without affecting their efficacy. Well Future Pharmacy is a trusted name in medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois.

Other reasons clients may prefer compounded medications include enhanced flavors of compounded medications, maximization of compliance by mixing different medications in one form, and the unavailability of the drug in the market due to discontinuation of its mass production. Truly, medication compounding is a very important component in modern pharmacy.

Medication compounding is a highly complicated process that requires experts and strict adherence to procedures. Well Future Pharmacy is licensed by regulatory government agencies and is authorized to perform compounding services. For your needs in medication compounding in Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois, visit or contact Well Future Pharmacy. We offer also free delivery, free flavorings, free eco-friendly medication disposal, vitamins, medical equipment, and pet medication.

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